The Elephant’s sister restaurant is Green Ginger Noodle House, based in the relaxed west coast town of Canggu.

Swing by to sample a mouth watering menu of vegetarian food inspired by cuisine from across the south-east Asian region.


Jl Raya Pantai Berawa
Bali, Indonesia


+62 878-6211-2729


Daily 7.30 am – 9.30 pm


*all prices subject to change


sweet stuff

tropical fruit salad with strawberries, coconut, honey & yoghurt 30

paradise porridge*: (pinched this one from shanti lodge, chalong side of phuket) oats with coconut milk, pineapple & strawberry & toasted coconut 35

rolled oat porridge with strawberry, banana, cow’s milk and mixed seeds 35

raw muesli with fresh fruit salad, yoghurt & honey (vegan = remove honey & yoghurt) 35

smoothie bowls: yummy, spoonable, nutritious bowls with delicious, healthy garnishes on top 50

– jungle

– green vegan

– sunshine

– papaya

– rainbow

– dragonfruit

– forest

– chocolate, berries, avo

savoury stuff

toasted sourdough with tomato, feta & basil 35

breakfast baguette: (add your choice of sauce – spicy mayo; BBQ sauce; thai chilli jam) NEW 45

– grilled cheddar cheese and fresh tomato (2pcs)

– scrambled eggs with grilled cheese and mushrooms

– scrambled eggs, cheddar, caramelised onion & asparagus (seasonal)

– the lot: eggs, caramelised onion, cheese, mushroom, spinach

– build your own: choose up to 5 of the above llings

green brekky*: yummy vegan sauteed greens in olive oil with rocket, herbs, avocado (seasonal) & sourdough toast 40

toast with vegemite / peanut butter / nutella / jam / marmalade 35

eggs with toast, mushrooms & spinach (scrambled / poached / fried / 4 minute boiled) 45

crispy fried eggs with corn fritters & thai chilli jam 45

omelette with toast: (or make your own with any 3 llings) 45

– fresh tomato, basil & feta

– cheddar cheese, mushrooms & caramelised onions

– thai style with oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, corn and vegie oyster sauce

big breakfast: everything we’ve got to chuck at you: eggs any way with mushrooms, spinach, baked beans, tomato basil feta, asparagus, a corn fritter with chill jam & 2 slices of sourdough or baguette toast 75

sides orders:

– sauteed mushrooms with soy & garlic 10

– caramelised onions 5

– fresh tomato, basil & feta 10

– steamed asparagus (seasonal: beautiful organic stu from the highlands, but not always on) 10

– baked beans (straight out of a tin. we make most stu from scratch, but not this) 10

– sauteed spinach 5

– extra toasted sourdough or baguette 1 slice/2 slices 10/15

***please note side orders can only be bought “on the side” or in a mixed plate (minimum of 4) not as a single item***

Lunch and dinner


wontons: tofu with ginger & shiitake; and spinach & shallot 45
– in a bowl of sweet & spicy szechuan chilli oil (6pcs)
– in a steamer with black vinegar and chilli paste dipping sauces (6pcs)
– dumpling noodle soup (3pcs) NEW (our new favourite)

gyoza: steam-fried dumplings with carrot, cabbage, ginger, coriander & green soy beans 45

pumpkin & ginger soup*: with coconut cream & coriander 40

tofu pus: crunchy fried tofu, corn and spring onion balls with garlic & lime soy dipping sauce (kids love these) 45

larb*: tofu, lime, shallots, chillies & lemongrass served in lettuce cups with mint & toasted ground rice (this is almost famous, so much so that we’ve added the sang choi bau below) 55

rice paper rolls*: stued with mint, tofu, green mango, carrot & lettuce; chilli, hoisin & peanut dipping sauce 45

miso*: homemade white miso soup with fried tofu, spring onions & seaweed 25


pad thai (the classic; we learned it in bangkok): home made tom yam paste, tofu, eggs, bean sprouts & chives, stir fried with at rice noodles (vegan = remove egg) 60

chinese rice wine stir fry*: golden tofu, asparagus, bok choi and shiitake mushrooms NEW 55

laksa: baby corn, bok choi & fried tofu in spicy coconut milk with lime, eggplant, boiled egg, spinach, peanuts, cucumber & chilli jam (vegan = remove egg; rice noodle only) 60

home made thai red curry*: tofu, beans, baby eggplant, snow peas (with red rice) 65

home made thai green curry*: tempeh, oyster & button mushrooms (with red rice) 65

pad see ew: dry style stir fried rice noodles, egg, gai larn, tofu, pepper & chilli jam NEW 55

thai basil noodles*: tofu & vegies stir fried with mee kweitiau, rice vinegar, basil & chilli 55

miso ramen: japanese egg noodle soup with miso, sweet corn, gai lan, ginger & sesame 55

sang choi bau*: tofu & shallot “meat” with mushroom, bean sprouts & hoisin sauce to serve yourself in cabbage leaf cups (if you like our larb you’ll love this) NEW 55

pho chay*: vietnamese charred ginger, cinnamon & star anise soup with rice noodles, bok choi, grilled eggplant & add your own condiments 50

singapore noodles: stir fried rice vermicelli, shallots, spring onions, chinese cabbage, egg, coriander & carrot with curry powder & soy sauce NEW (i.e. this is not the old recipe) 50


aunty omee’s amazing fried rice with egg, ginger, fresh shiitake & coriander NEW 45

steamed red rice: we mix organic red & white rice, something for everyone sm / lge 10/15

chinese greens*: with organic asparagus, fresh shiitake and vegie oyster sauce NEW 40

aoyasai no gomaae*: steamed greens with sweet japanese soy sesame dressing 40

ginger shallot relish / chinese chilli oil / hoisin sauce / thai chilli jam / sweet chilli sauce 5

we hope you like our new dishes. we’ve added some chinese flavours for you to try, altered a few oldies and hopefully kept all your old favourites. a few old dishes are having a rest: watch 4 upcoming specials


fresh pressed juices:    NEW 35
– purple haze: beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon
– green: spinach,  cucumber, apple, parsley, mint, lime
– orange alert: tangerine, carrot

smoothies:     NEW 35
– mango & dragonfruit (seasonal – but if it’s on it’s an absolute bestseller & instagram hit!)
– smashed berry banana with mixed berries
– papaya, oat & coconut milk with raw muesli*

blender juices / frappes: fresh fruit & ice. please specify if no sugar. max mix = 3 fruits 30
– pineapple / papaya / lime / watermelon / strawberry / orange / dragon / mango / coconut

coolers: ginger lime;  pine-passionfruit or strawberry orange: muddled fruit, soda & sugar 35

kombucha: ginger; beetroot-carrot-ginger-lemongrass; carrot-turmeric-orange-ginger 45

beer: bintang small / large 30/45

wine: plaga – grown in australia, made in bali. best of the local plonks      bottle / glass 250/60
– rose          – sauvignon blanc          – chardonnay          – cabernet sauvignon NEW

soft drinks: coca cola, sprite, ginger ale, soda water 10

coffee: single origin “gunung mas” beans from java, roasted in bali. fruity chocolate flavours 25
– espresso – macchiato – piccolo – latte – at white – cappucino – long black – you know the rest

drip filter coffee: fair trade & organic  “cosmic coffee” from kintamani, bali. darker, full roast 25
– on the rocks – vietnamese (with condensed milk) –  iced cappucino (long, milky, frothy)

extra shot / bali kopi 15

pot of tea / tea for two: 25/35
twinings:     – earl grey    – english breakfast     – chamomile     – peppermint
japanese:      – sencha (green tea)      – genmai cha (green tea with toasted brown rice)
herbal:      – hibiscus ower     – ginger    – ginger lemon honey

chai / iced chai: milky tea steeped with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom & clove. served with honey 30

extras: soy milk / wheatgrass / spirulina  / chia seed / bee pollen 10

fresh young coconut 20

spring water: help yourself, glasses beneath the dispenser

Cakes and desserts

coffee, cardamom & ginger cake 35

sarah’s kick ass chocolate brownie 25                             

johnny freesh’s awesome raw chocolate pie with strawberry coulis 40                    

sticky rice pudding with mango: we learned this down a little soi in bangkok 30

cake of the week: ask the staff if we have something special         NEW 40

affogato (espresso with ice cream) 30

raw caramel slice*: you know that CWA aussie favourite, but vegan. and raw.      NEW 20

chocolate chip biscuit 15


corn fritters with coriander, kaffir lime leaf & home made chilli jam (3 pcs) 35

toasted sourdough with tomato, basil & feta 35

pumpkin & ginger soup *: with coconut cream & coriander 40

e.l.t. (egglettucetomato): toasted sourdough sandwich with 2 fried eggs, caramelised onions, fresh tomato & kewpie mayonaise NEW 40

banh mi: crunchy baguette with marinated tofu, pickles, coriander & sriracha chilli mayo   NEW 45

tom yum*: (designated hangover killer) sweet, sour and spicy soup with tofu, tomato, mushroom, kar lime, galangal & ginger 40

rice paper rolls*: stued with mint, tofu, carrot & lettuce; sweet chilli, hoisin & peanut dipping sauce 45

miso*: homemade white miso sup w/ tofu, spring onions & seaweed 25

omelette with toast: (or make your own with any 3 fillings) 45
– fresh tomato, basil & feta
– cheddar cheese, mushrooms & caramelised onions
– thai style with oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, corn and vegie oyster sauce

Kid's menu

 (available all day) – mums & dads: ask if you have any special requests and we’ll do our best…

nice rice: fried rice with egg, spring onion & a dash of soy 35

oodles of noodles: ramen with corn, carrot, greens & sweet soy sesame dressing 35

jam sammies: white bread with butter & strawberry jam (or peanut butter or both) 25

banana split: banana, ice cream, chocolate sauce, cookies, strawberries on top 35

babycino: frothy hot milk with chocolate on top 10

chocolate brownie 25

raw caramel slice*   NEW 20

chocolate chip cookie 15

Set menu

big set breakfast  110
(before 12pm)

fruit salad with coconut, honey & yoghurt

eggs any way with toast

thai style omelette with oyster mushrooms, corn, coriander & mung beans

tomato, basil & fetta omelette with toast

watermelon or pineapple juice or frappe

any tea, coffee or chai

budget brekkie 75
(before 12pm)

fruit salad

eggs any way & toast or paradise/banana porridge

mixed tropical juice juice

set lunch

mixed tropical juice + any 2 of the following:

• larb (2pcs)
• wonton (4pcs)
• small pumpkin soup
• small healthy green salad

Combo meal deals

breakfast 85

raw muesli or paradise porridge + toasted sourdough with tomato, fetta & basil + any juice

coffee & cake 55

any coffee or a pot of tea + raw chocolate pie (or raw cheesecake when available)

lunch for 2 150
(until 6pm)

wontons: steamed or in szechuan chilli oil + healthy green or white tiger salad + red / green curry &

rice or pad thai + any 2 juices

please understand, no changes other than the choices indicated. no combo deals available after 6pm we hope you enjoy the new choices coming your way at GG..

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Jl Raya Pantai Berawa
Bali, Indonesia

Tel: +62 878-6211-2729

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