*all prices subject to change


sweet stuff

fruit salad: tropical fruit, toasted coconut, honey & yoghurt (for vegan, change yoghurt/honey for coconut meat) 30

paradise porridge: oatmeal with coconut, coconut milk, pineapple, strawberry & brown sugar 35

porridge: oats with banana, strawberry & cow’s milk 35

crunchy granola: home made toasted muesli of oats, seeds & dried fruit served with fruit, yoghurt & honey 40

raw muesli: natural muesli of oats, seeds & dried fruit with fruit, fresh coco flesh; yoghurt & honey on the side 35

bircher muesli: oats & apple soaked in honey & yoghurt w/ strawberry & almonds 35

banana pancake with mixed berries & ice cream 35 crepes with lemon & sugar 30 banana and tahini on toasted sourdough 30

savoury things

avocado, lemon & pepper on toasted sourdough (seasonal) 30

tomato, feta & basil on toasted sourdough 35

toast with vegemite/peanut butter/jam/marmalade/honey 25

baked beans on toast 30

e.l.t: 2 fried eggs, roast tomato, lettuce & mayo in a sandwich 40

eggs any way with toast, sautéed mushrooms & roasted tomatoes on the side 45

zucchini omelette: two egg omelette with zucchini, onion & cheddar, paprika relish & rocket 45

eggs florentine: poached eggs & spinach on toast with hollandaise sauce, mushrooms & tomatoes 55

green brekky: sautéed zucchini, onion & spinach in olive oil w/ rocket, herbs, avocado & toast 40

big breakfast: 2 eggs any way with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, baked beans & toast 65

side orders

squeaky mushrooms 5

sautéed spinach & onion 5

baked beans 5

avocado (seasonal) 5

hash brown 10

roast tomatoes 5

feta cheese 5

extra toast 1 slice / 2 slices 5/10



blender juices/frappes:

any combo… papaya/lime/watermelon/mango/passion pineapple/strawberry/orange/coconut 25/30

smoothies/vegan smoothies:

same fruits but milk, honey & yoghurt or coconut flesh & coconut water 30

freshly pressed juices:

purple haze – beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

green juice – apple, spinach, parsley, mint, cucumber

orange alert – tangerine, carrot, ginger


hand squeezed orange juice made to order – med/lge 25/40

fresh young coconut: whole/by the glass 25/15

frappes & juices

blender juices:

(no added sugar) pineapple/papaya/lime/watermelon/strawberry/ mango/orange/coconut water/passionfruit/tangerine

frappes: any of the above fruits as a slurpee, icey granita. iced coffee too

coolers & stuff

coolers: fresh, cool muddled fruit & bubbles 30

ginger, lime + ginger ale

strawberry, orange juice + soda

pineapple, passionfruit, lemon + soda

squash: lemon, tangerine, lime or orange fresh juice filled with a pinch of sugar & sparkling cold soda


ginger or rosella flavoured full spectrum biotic goodness (from lovelife) glass/bottle

bottomless aqua: first one free, then


we pride ourself on quality, barista made coffee, from freshly ground indonesian beans: 100% javanese; single origin; low food miles

espresso ristretto macchiato piccolo latte

latte flat white cappucino short black long black americano

cold drip filter coffee from kintamani on the rocks: 1 shot over ice or vietnamese style ca phe daâ: over ice with condensed milk 25

iced coffee

mocha illy decaf 30

hot chocolate iced latte

ice coffee frappe mug-a-cino

mug of bali kopi 10

extra shot espresso 15

add cashew milk or Australia’s own organic soy 10


strawberry banana/strawberry papaya/papaya oat/ banana oat/banana date/pineapple orange/your mix choose, your preference:

regular (milk, yoghurt, honey & fruit) vegan (banana, coconut flesh & fruit) 35

green smoothie: banana blended with green juice = yum


chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milkshake 30

vegan soy milk or cashew milk shake: your choice sacred scoop flavour with soy or cashew milk 35


tea for two? let us know if you’d like to share a pot

pot of tea: small/large 20/35

earl grey english breakfast chamomile peppermint peach green w/ mint (twinings) sencha (japanese green tea) genmai cha (japanese green tea with brown rice) rosella (hibiscus flower, high antioxidant)

iced tea by the glass: any of the above 20

es teh manis: 10

pot of chai: med/large 25/40 slow brewed milk tea with cinnamon, clove, ginger & cardamom. ask for honey on the side

bottles & cans


bottle aqua (glass, reusable, local) 10

san pellegrino sparkling (import) 250ml/500ml 25/40 acqua panna natural (import) 250ml/500ml 25/40

soft drinks:

coke, soda, tonic, ginger, sprite, pocari, diet coke 15

bintang: indonesia’s favourite sm/lge 25/40

sapporo: japanese premium import 60

san miguel light: mid strength pilsener 35

Entrees and snacks

antipasto: a changing selection of dips, pickles, tasty bites & crostini. perfect to share. med/lge 75/110

toasted sourdough with: tomato, feta & basil 35

larb: tofu, lime, shallots, chillies & lemongrass with mint & toasted ground rice 45

gyoza: steam fried japanese dumplings with ginger, edamame & tofu in lime, honey & soy 35

rice paper rolls: tofu, rice noodles and vegetables with mint, peanut sauce & nahm jin 40

toasted panini: olive, bocconcini & caramelised onion 40

croque mon jono: tomato, paprika relish & tasty cheese, toasted 40

pumpkin & ginger soup: with coconut cream & coriander 35

tom yum: (hangover killer) – hot & sour thai soup with tofu, mushrooms, lime & aromatic herbs 40


laksa: baby corn, bok choy & tofu in spicy coconut milk with rice noodle, peanut, egg, cucumber & chilli 60

sweet potato fritters: ottolenghi’s crunchy, golden fritters with a yoghurt olive oil sauce & mango radicchio slaw 55

polenta alla griglia: grilled polenta with pesto, roast tomato & paprika, rocket & parmagiano 60

coconut noodle soup: rice noodles, tofu, beans, peanuts & herbs in a coconut broth with pineapple chilli pickle 55

hand made potato gnocchi: pesto, baby beans & pine nuts or burnt sage butter & almonds on wilted spinach 65

pad thai: the classic: we learnt it in bangkok – home made tom yum paste, tofu, eggs, bean sprouts and chives 60

spaghetti zucchini: al dente pasta aglio olio style with zucchini, capers, lemon, chilli & parmagiano 60

miso ramen: egg noodles in miso with corn, carrot, sesame, chinese cabbage, shiitake mushrooms & ginger 60


the elephant: greens, tempeh, feta, sesame, tomato, corn, pomelo, rocket, cucumber, radish 55

the rabbit: greens, quinoa, beans, preserved lemon, mango jicama, coconut, pumpkin & sunflower seeds 55

the lion (raw!): greens, seeds, pickles & every fresh, naked vegetable we can throw at you 55

the gorilla: pumpkin, beetroot, feta, greens, radicchio, mint roast paprika, green beans, eggplant & walnuts 55

white tiger: greens, roast pumpkin, sesame, carrot, tempeh, pickled ginger, edamame, nori, cucumber 55

japanesey: tofu, nori, tomato, greens, carrot, cucumber, ginger, sesame, mayo & a mirin dressing 55

insalata caprese: tomato, bocconcini, basil, pesto genovese & roasted tomato 55

mixed leaves: radicchio, rocket, spinach, mizuna & herbs with lemon & olive oil 30

bits to add:

avocado (seasonal); mixed seeds; grilled tempeh; cashews; feta; roast tomatoes; green/black olives; caramelised onions; roast pumpkin; nori; fried tofu; gherkin; boiled egg 5ea

make your own salad: choose 5 bits from above and add them to your favourite dressing & some mixed greens 50

dressings: lemon tahini ginger lime orange miso garlic soy mirin vinaigrette


garlic bread with smoky eggplant dip (thanks always to stephanie alexander) 30

polenta chips a la martini with himalayan pink rock salt & pesto aioli 40

smashed potatoes: crunchy, deep fried potatoes served with lemon, parsley & oregano 30

sweet potato chips with honey & mustard mayo 30

mixed leaves: radicchio, rocket, spinach, mizuna & herbs with a lemon vinaigrette 30

steamed broccoli, snow peas, baby beans with olive oil, preserved lemon & toasted almonds 35

Sweet stuff

chocolate chip cookie: ibu sarah’s classic 15

chocolate brownie: regular or gluten free 25

chocolate walnut truffle: valhrona decadence 15


coffee, cardamom & ginger cake 35

thai sticky rice & mango: sweet coconut rice pudding with fresh fruit & toasted mung beans on top 25

lemon ricotta almond cake with pomegranate molasses 40

gaya gelato: 3 scoops (ask the waiter what flavours we have) 45

christina’s baked treat of the week…delicious, decadent cakes, friands & the like. ask your waiter 40

johnny freesh’s awesome raw chocolate pie with strawberry coulis 40

extra gelato on the side (per scoop) 15

Kid's menu

oodles of noodles: ramen with corn, carrot, greens & sweet soy, sesame & miso broth 30

steamed vegies: simple & plain – broccoli, carrot, beans, potato & pumpkin. ask for some olive oil or butter… 30

cheese toasty: cheddar & roast tomato toasted sandwich 30 cheesy pasta: spaghetti, butter & parmesan 30

red spaghetti: pasta with simple, home made roasted tomato napoletana sauce, spinach & parmesan 40

jam sammies: white or multigrain bread with butter & strawberry jam (or peanut butter or both) 25

banana split: the taste of summer holidays – banana, ice cream, chocolate sauce, crunchy oatmeal with strawberries on top 30

babycino: frothy hot milk with chocolate on top 10

choc chip cookie: pleeeassseee can i have one 15

chocolate brownies: they are all so good we can’t decide: regular or gluten free / valhrona truffle 25/15

no preservatives or additives, nothing spicy


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